Florafelt Pro System Assembled
Florafelt Pro System Assembled
Florafelt Pro System Assembled
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Florafelt Pro System Assembled

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The Florafelt Pro System is a high quality, patented architectural green wall solution that uses Florafelt Grow Strips woven into a stainless steel 304 wire grid. It’s the most robust vertical gardening system around, and can handle extreme conditions.


You can see a sample in our by appointment showroom. For inquiries call Janet @ 416 722 2575 

36” W x 24” H x 6.25” D
Assembled Unit – Ready to Plant
Stainless Steel 304 Wire Grid Support Frame
Plastic water barrier
Florafelt Grow Strip
Wall Mounting Hardware

Florafelt Pro System Vertical Garden Unit. Fully assembled living wall unit includes: Wire Grid (6 inch openings), Florafelt Grow Strip, 24 Root Wraps, and stainless wall mounting clips. Fully assembled. Ready to mount and plant. Use to fill walls with an architectural grade vertical garden system. Stack to fill entire walls or building facades.

– Units can be stacked so water will be channeled to the unit below
– Can be hung from hooks or attached permanently
– Wire grid constructed from welded 1/4″ stainless steel 304
– Includes 4 stainless steel mounting clips
– Ships with 24 of the 16 inch Root Wraps
– Grows 24 plants, not included
– Patented woven felt system outperforms all others

Florafelt Grow Felt

Get creative with our amazing Florafelt Grow Felt horticulture fabric. It’s made entirely from recycled, non-toxic plastics so it will last a lifetime. It’s designed to hold and release moisture and it’s perfect for soil or pure hydroponic applications.


Soft Pockets Make it Easy to Change Your Plants

Our system of Root Wrappers and pockets allows you to transform your vertical garden for any mood or occasion. Experiment with color schemes, textures and combinations. Since the small amount of soil is neatly contained in the root wrapper, sliding plants in and out of pockets is as simple as stuffing an envelope.


Florafelt Grow Fabric Comes Alive with Microbiology

Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters are fashioned from synthetic nylon felt, creating a soft, luxuriant fabric that is non-toxic, UV stable and will last a lifetime. Recycled synthetic material creates an ideal environment for vertical gardens, and artists and architects favor them over organic materials that decay quickly. Your vertical garden will develop its own unique microenvironment, and exposure to the air facilitates the efficient breakdown of molecules into nutrients. While other vertical garden systems can create beautiful living designs, they often become waterlogged. With our patented pleated and folded design, the front of the pockets remains dry. The panels are mounted to lightweight, fluted plastic board that protects walls from moisture and provides additional support.


Florafelt Pocket Panels are Modular

We designed Florafelt Vertical Garden Planters to hang on walls, fences or other supports. They can be framed for a stylish look and trimmed to any size. Innovative designers and architects have used our system in a variety of unconventional but startlingly beautiful ways, even sloping surfaces that create a thrilling illusion of a river flowing with plants and flowers.

Automatic Drip System: Recommended

For best results provide an automatic irrigation system with regular and constant irrigation. For most situations we suggest to irrigate the living wall 4 times a day with a short duration of 5-10 minutes and a much longer duration for tall walls. Test and adjust for each situation. 

Our ready made solutions for living walls make it easy.